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What are the best Slide-in Ranges?
Jan 17

What are the best Slide-in Ranges?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Reviews

Ranges are a must-have in everyone’s kitchen because it is where the food we eat is cooked. Some ranges are simple, but it can get as fancy as with five burners and two ovens.

There are also a variety of designs available and types to suit everyone’s home; especially those who want to maintain a nice and elegant look where cabinetry and counter matches.

One type of range is the slide-in range where it is placed in between cabinets or counters. The top of which is slightly protruded so it gives the appearance of it resting atop the counters, making it look like it was built-in there. Many owners like this effect, as the range doesn’t look foreign in the kitchen.

There are many brands of slide-in ranges. To give you an idea of what’s available in the market and the price point, we have listed three ranges worth checking out.

Comparison Chart

GE Slate Series 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop, 5.3 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, Storage Drawer, Delay Bake, Self-Cleaning Mode, Dual-Element Bake in Slate

GE Profile PS960SLSS 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop, in Stainless Steel

Samsung NE58F9710WS Slide-in Electric Range with FlexDuo Oven

Best Slide-In Ranges Reviews

1. Frigidaire 30" Slide-In Gas Range with Quick Preheat and True Convection

This gas range can be connected easily to your existing gas line but you might need help in installation if you haven’t done it before or you were a previous electric range owner. It comes in three colors: Black, White, and Stainless Steel.

If you aren’t going for a theme, it is recommended to pick the stainless steel one because it looks more elegant and it can fit nicely with your other appliances. It also pairs up well with any tile colors, stones, or woods.

It is measured 30 inches, a bit bigger than the standard, but it can slide in nicely in between cabinetry or counters. No installation is really required, as you just have to push it up where it will belong.

Take not that you have to measure your available space against this range to be sure that you have enough to fit it in snuggly. It comes with four burners that have respective 5,000 BTUs, 9,500 BTUs, 12,000 BTUs, and 17,000 BTUs. The built-in oven has baking of 18,000 BTUs and broiling at 11,500 BTUs.

It has pre-set options for warming, heating, quick baking, etc. at the touch of a button. The oven also comes with quick preheat that does its job in only a matter of minutes, meaning you don’t have to wait too long to put your goodies into the oven. It also has the ability to self-clean.

2. GE PS950SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Double Oven Range – Convection

This range is a really nice addition to your kitchen because of its elegant-looking minimalistic design. The top is also slightly raised so the sides would sit snuggly on the counters or cabinetry next to it, giving it the appearance of being built-in, instead of pushed in.

It measures 30 inches, slightly bigger than the average size of ranges. It comes with a smooth top cover that protects the burners when not in use.

It also gives a clean and neat appearance. This is an electric range that doesn’t have any provision for gas connection. The cooking surface is very smooth and has five slots for your pots and pans for multiple cooking at the same time.

The control pad contains flat surface built-in buttons that definitely looks elegant as well as a digital timer for baking. The dual ovens easily heat up using a quick preheat feature and it has a total cooking space of 6.6 cubic foot. The convection oven is self-cleaning so you won’t have to waste time scrubbing.

The only con for this GE electric range is that it is priced higher than most electric ranges. You will be able to purchase a good double oven one without breaking off the 2,000-dollar mark. The good thing is, if you have the money to spend, this is worth every penny.

3. Samsung NE58F9710WS Slide-in Electric Range with FlexDuo Oven

This electric oven comes with five cooking slots for your pots and pans and has one built-in oven with a total of 5.8 cubic foot capacity.

To compete with ranges with double ovens, Samsung designed a Flex Duo Technology that gives you the capacity of a single oven with the efficiency and flexibility of two ovens. The extra large oven can cater to big roasts, multiple casserole dishes, or several cookie racks. It also comes with three oven racks to separate your dishes and give more space.

The bottom tier is a pullout drawer that serves as a warming area for your dishes. After cooking, place it in the warming drawer to keep the temperature until dinner is ready. The ovens and the burners also heat up fast so waiting time is lessened.

The only con for this product is the design of the knobs. Unlike the GE Electric range reviewed above, the knobs and switches of the Samsung range is protruded so it’s more prone to accidental hits.


What are the advantages of a slide-in range?

Not sure whether you should get a slide-in range or stick to traditional freestanding? We have listed some pros that may change your mind below:

  1. It allows you to have a seamless design in your kitchen.
  2. It is designed to have a wider top to overlap onto the counter, giving it a built-in look.
  3. It has dimensions that can easily fit onto cabinets so you don’t have to really customize your cabinetry.
  4. It enhances cleanability as there will be no food or morsels that can drop down to the sides.
  5. It is great for kitchen designs with a custom backsplash.


There are a variety of slide-in ranges you can choose from depending on your taste and budget. You can pick if you want a gas or an electric model and pick how many burners and ovens you want built into the range.

While slide-in ranges are more expensive that freestanding ones, many customers opt for the slide-in models because it not only works as a great range but it also integrates seamlessly into the kitchen, which is really nice and elegant to look at.

You would want to read more electric range reviews with our article, "What are the best Slide-in Electric Ranges?".

What are the best Slide-in Electric Ranges?
Jan 17

What are the best Slide-in Electric Ranges?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Reviews

Some people may not be entirely sure what a Slide-in Electric Range is, as the name omits a certain detail that makes it easy to distinguish. Essentially a Range is the shortened name for a cooking range, a device that contains many tools utilized in the kitchen, such as multiple stovetops, oven and sometimes may even have a smoker.

The convenience of a having a cooking range makes the use of the kitchen simpler and easier to access, which can also be improved by having one that is electric and slides in.

Slide-In Electric Ranges help to provide a less difficult time managing the fuel source and the slide-in functionality makes it easier to set up and faster to get working, as well as making it more viable for repair should anything go wrong. However, there are certain features to each design.

Below you can find the reviews of the top-rated slide-in electric ranges listed above:

Comparison Chart

GE Profile PS960SLSS 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop, in Stainless Steel

Samsung Appliance NE58K9430SS 30″ Slide-in Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop, 5.8 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, in Stainless Steel

DMAFRIGFGDS3065PF – Frigidaire Gallery 30 Slide-In Dual-Fuel Range

Electrolux E30DF74TP 30 Inch Wide 4.6 Cu. Ft. Free Standing Dual Fuel Range with, Stainless Steel

Bosch : HDI7052U 30 Integra 700 Series Dual-fuel Range with Storage Drawer

Best Slide-In Electric Range Reviews

1. GE PS950SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Double Oven Range – Convection

This slide-in oven would definitely look great and add glam to your kitchen. Not only is it made from high quality stainless steel finish that doesn’t wear over time, it also has a widened top that is designed to rest on both sides of the kitchen cabinetry, giving it a look of being built-in.

It has a timeless appeal that would suit the tastes of minimalists because of its no-nonsense design and structure. The cooktop is smooth and shiny, made of glass that is perfect for varying heat.

It contains five heating elements in different sizes, but can suit most shapes and sizes of pots and pans because each heating element may be adjusted accordingly.

What's to like about the GE PS950SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Double Oven Range – Convection

It has double ovens with a total cooking capacity of 6.6 cu ft., perfect for baking dishes large or small. Because each oven functions independently, you may choose different settings and temperature for each, making it perfect if you are baking a lot of dishes at the same time.

The top oven is a bit slimmer than the bottom, perfect for baking pizza and bread, while the wider bottom is perfect for whole turkey and racks of ribs. The control panel has a digital face so you can effectively see the timer and the buttons are smooth and built-in a pad.

What's not to like about the GE PS950SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Double Oven Range – Convection

Range doesn’t come with a backsplash so you need to have something installed behind it so that no food morsels would fall behind it. This is definitely a deal-breaker and it shouldn’t stop you from getting the range just because of this.

Also, this range has very sensitive buttons situated in front. If you have curious kids, it’s better to put the keys on lock all the time.

2. Samsung NE58F9500SS Slide-in Electric Range

This slide-in range is simple yet elegant. It features a sleek design that is easy to install; no need for remodeling because the standard size lets you simply push it through the wall, in between two counters/cabinets. The glass cooktop overlaps slightly with the top of your kitchen countertop, giving you a customized built-in look.

It features five heating elements in varying sizes but can be adjusted according to the size of your pots and pans. The oven features a wide-angle glass window lets you easily check the progress of your food without having to open the oven door and has a total cooking capacity of 5.8 cu ft.

What's to like about the Samsung NE58F9500SS Slide-in Electric Range

The oven comes in three tiers, separated by metal racks that are all removable to cater to different sizes of your food. You can bake a big roast or multiple casserole dishes.

You don’t have to worry about the evenness of temperature on each tier because the true convection system comes with dual fans that allow for faster and more even cooking.

At the bottom you will find a storage drawer than can fit your cooking utensils for faster retrieval. You don’t have to worry about the temperature getting into your stuff because it is well insulated and protected.

Like the GE range reviewed above, it comes with a digital face that is illuminated so you can see the time and temperature at one glance.

What's not to like about the Samsung NE58F9500SS Slide-in Electric Range

The cooktop is made of ceramic surface and must be taken care of. Be careful of dropping heavy pots and pans or it might shatter. This isn’t a big con, as most slide-in electric ranges with smooth top come with ceramic glass.

3. Frigidaire 30" Slide-In Dual-Fuel Range with PowerPlus Preheat and True Convection

This range is perfect for homeowners who want to have a backup range during cases where the electric supply cuts out, as it can connect to a gas source.

It features a lot of the newest technology available for ranges such as the quick pre-heat, true convection, and self-cleaning.

It also has several one-touch options that can help you with your cooking; you don’t have to list down settings and temperatures for different types of dishes because it is already found on the keypad. You can keep food warm at a touch of a button or cook pizza and chicken nuggets.

What's to like about the Frigidaire 30" Slide-In Dual-Fuel Range with PowerPlus Preheat and True Convection

The true convection, found in almost all high-end ranges is the newest technology for ovens. It allows users to bake your food evenly, whatever tier it is put on because it adjusts standard baking temperatures to convection temperatures for consistent results.

The racks are also flexible, allowing you to cook several dishes at once or cook big roasts. It also features half-racks for smaller casseroles while still giving space for taller dishes.

It comes in stainless steel so you don’t have to worry if it will suit the design of your kitchen. The shiny steel will look good no matter where it is put.

What's not to like about the Frigidaire 30" Slide-In Dual-Fuel Range with PowerPlus Preheat and True Convection

Some users experienced that the fan of the oven stays on for too long because the oven takes some time to cool down. This is not good especially since the working fan consumes electricity and it is unsafe for people who may accidentally touch the oven, thinking that the cooking is long over.

4. Electrolux 30" Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range with Wave-Touch® Controls and Luxury-Glide® Oven

Like the Frigidaire, this electric range has dual fuel so you can easily switch from using gas range to electric when needed. It has a total of four heating elements, perfect for average families.

It features the so-called Wave-Touch Controls, which lets you control the panel with mere touches, to display all of the cooking options available, a great feature if you like to be able to cook or heat dishes in a jiffy. It has Perfect Pair Ovens, which features a large main oven and a secondary oven that allows the user to have different cooking options.

What's to like about the Electrolux 30" Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range with Wave-Touch® Controls and Luxury-Glide® Oven

Through the double ovens and four heating elements, you’re allowed to cook different dishes at once. The bottom oven can cater to smaller food such as pizzs, cookies, and breads while the bigger oven is perfect for large roasts, ribs, and meat.

The oven features convection cooking, a system that comes with fans that distribute the heat evenly across the oven.

What's not to like about the Electrolux 30" Dual-Fuel Slide-In Range with Wave-Touch® Controls and Luxury-Glide® Oven

Some customers complained about Electrolux’s poor customer support. It took a while before they had acknowledged that someone needs help and the roster is quite long that many were left waiting with a broken range/problem before someone knocked to their home to help them deal with it. Other than that, this range is great and would last years of use.

5. Bosch : Integra 700 Series Electric Range

This range is the perfect addition to your intricately designed cabinetry and series of countertops because it integrates perfectly. The design is simple yet elegant, and it doesn’t require any other customizations in your kitchen for it to fit. Simply slide or push it in between two counters and it would seem like it has been built-in there.

This features a touch panel and an illuminated digital screen that lets you see vital information in just one glance. Like all slide-in electric ranges in this price bracket, it comes with a convection system that allows for a more even cooking through the use of their Advanced Circulation System.

What's to like about the Bosch : Integra 700 Series Electric Range

Their circulation system uses eight vents to optimize the distribution of heated air for even and faster cooking and baking. Cooking time is reduced by up to 25 percent, lessening the time for waiting. The bottom part features a pull out cabinet where you can safely store cooking utensils for faster retrieval.

What's not to like about the Bosch : Integra 700 Series Electric Range

Contains four heating elements and only one is large; the other three is medium to small. Since the sizes can be adjusted anyway, Bosch should have made at least two large heating elements to cater to different pots and pan sizes. Another con (or pro to some) is the Sabbath setting that many users deemed unnecessary.


There are a number of factors that you should investigate when choosing the best slide-in electric range for your home. These factors include expected use, capacity of the range, the overall size, power usage, maintenance and cleaning, safety and also the price.

Fuel Type

Natural gas is one of the less viable options unless you are adamant that you want that style of range. Electric hookups are the most common and one of the most affordable. They contain convection ovens that allow for even cooking and reaching boiling temperatures faster than that of a gas range.

They also maintain a relatively steady number of options to accommodate for the fuel type that utilizes electricity and operate just as well as other types of ranges. There are also induction ranges, which differ from the others because they are far more expensive.

They are utilized because they save time and energy by using magnetism to heat your cookware. This type of range is one of the more cost efficient and eco-friendly types of ranges but can be very costly on the initial purchase.

Key takeaway: 

While this guide details an Electric range, it is important to understand what else is available and how this one differs. Some ranges will have a natural gas hookup, which can be quite expensive, particularly in this day and age where prices are rising and everyone is feeling the hurt in their back pocket.

Expected Use

First and foremost you should determine what your expected use will be for the Slide-In Electric Range. You should consider whether or not it will be utilized enough to warrant a purchase, as the cost of buying and installing one can be a bit expensive and even more so if you do not expect to make up for that cost with more cooking done in the home as opposed to other methods.

Analysis of the features offered in the electric range should give you an idea of what types of foods you can cook as well as how you will cook, therefore providing you an insight into how viable it is to purchase that model.

Key takeaway: 

If you can’t see yourself using the oven that much on a range which has a strong and diverse convection oven as its main feature, perhaps it is not the best choice.


Now that you are certain that your slide-in electric range will be put to good use, the capacity of the range should be looked into. There is no reason to buy a smaller capacity range if you intended to cook large roast meals or multiple items at the same time.

Ask yourself the following questions: How many people live in this household? How many people will typically be fed? How many will want food cooked in the range on a regular basis?

All are viable to ask yourself to get an idea of what kind of space will be required, as you will want to accommodate for this and save time and money when cooking.

Key takeaway: 

Roughly speaking, a cubic foot is an acceptable capacity space per person to allot for cooking meals in the electric range. A family of four or more would generally require at least 4 cubic feet of cooking space for their meals.

Larger ovens usually featured on electric ranges hold anywhere up to 5 cubic feet, making them a great option for large feasts, particularly on festive holidays or for any type of get together.

Overall Size

Taking into account the capacity of the cooking range, when selecting the best slide-in electric range for your home, the overall size of the equipment is also an important factor. First you will have to determine where exactly the range will slide in and if there is enough space for you to get it fitted and installed with less hassle than you would any other piece of kitchen equipment.

Additionally, you want to ensure that when the electric range is installed, it can be accessed and used easily and without hassle. Does the oven door open all the way without hitting anything?

Can you easily access food in the oven without hitting anything or potentially burning yourself? A generous amount of space is needed so that you can move around it and access it freely.

Power Usage

Different sizes obviously result in different power usage. If you’re in a location that has higher electricity prices, extensive use of an electric range can become quite costly and you may want to purchase a slide-in range that is not only cooking efficient but also cost efficient.

Most household appliances should have an energy efficiency rating on them to give you an idea of their energy consumption and energy saving abilities. For the most part you should attempt to avoid those that have very little indication of energy consumption or saving, as they may actually use up a lot of electricity and simply not wish to tell you.

Key takeaway: 

Simply put, it is difficult to set a definite amount on which is the best rating or best standard to set on energy consumption. The factors associate revolves around the way you will use the range and where you live.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Whilst larger household appliances such as a slide-in electric range usually do not require too much maintenance, there may be instances where it is required and you will want to avoid simply replacing it.

Purchasing a range that has less specialized parts and more generic features will not necessarily impact on the quality of cooking. It can however make it easier to fix should that arise.

One of the better ways to learn about the parts involved in creation would be to contact the manufacturer and citing the exact make and model. Sometimes the manufacturer will be able to provide details on replacement parts.

Some users often forget about cleaning as part of the maintenance of an appliance; something that is just as important as part replacement. Use of appliances, especially ovens can become taxing on the device. When food is involved, the object will get dirty and require cleaning to ensure that it can operate effectively.

Key takeaway: 

When preparing for cleaning an electric range, smaller ones are generally easier because there is less area to attend to. Most slide-in electric ranges do not maintain too many features that require comprehensive cleaning, however it is very helpful to keep the range in good condition and clean it extensively at least once every year.


Safety is the number one factor with all items these days, and it is never viable to choose any other feature over that of safety. Generally speaking, electric ranges do not pose much of a safety hazard. On a similar level to a gas range, the safety of these appliances is kept quite high.

In comparison, the gas range requires more caution due to the flammable and toxic nature of the gas that it operates on. A carbon monoxide detector is recommended for a gas range, however this is not an issue with an electric range.

Another thing to consider is that some other ranges use induction cooking on their stove tops, which can provide an even greater safety experience, as they allow for safe touching of the stove top without burning your hand, whilst heating food.

It is important to consult the device manual and manufacturer when identifying whether or not a certain range has this capability.


For the most part, you will not be able to find an electric range that is anywhere in the vicinity of a few hundred dollars unless you’re specifically looking at old and used ranges. Despite that, the best slide-in electric range will not always be the most expensive.

The price is mainly an indicator of the type of value and features you will be receiving in your purchase of a slide-in range. It’s difficult to determine the best price, as appliances of this size and nature will differ from model to model. When trying to find the best deal, you should consider which features you want and cross check them against other models with the same features.

After you do that, you should be able to calculate an average price and use this for future searching, particularly if you discover more features you wish.

Also check our article on the "What are the best Slide-in Electric Ranges?", for more electric range choices.

What are the best Gas Stove Burner Covers?
Jan 17

What are the best Gas Stove Burner Covers?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Reviews

Gas stove burner covers are made from different kinds of materials that are sturdy and durable enough to provide protection to your burner. Some are created using stainless steel material, which is good if you are going to use it to cover a burner stored in an outdoor kitchen. There are also other types like metal, tins, and ceramic.

Whatever you pick, you are doing a great job at protecting your gas stove. After all, these appliances don’t come cheap and you can easily extend its longevity at the price of below $20.

Here in this article, we have rounded up four types of gas stove burner covers.

Comparison Chart

More Counter Space Black (With Legs)

CounterArt 27078 ‘Black Marble’ Design Tempered Glass Instant Counter

Reston Lloyd R-105-B Rectangular Stove Burner Covers, Set of 2, Black

Camco RV Stove Top Cover, Universal Fit, Convert Your Stove Top to Extra Counter Space In Your Camper Or RV- Black (43554)

Best Gas Stove Burner Cover Reviews

1. More Counter Space Burner Cover

This burner cover doubles as a cutting board and counter when put atop your range. It measures 20” x 30” and is able to nestle comfortably over 4 square foot of range or usable counter space.

Not only that, it comes wit cutouts on the sides as handles, which also makes it a perfect serving tray during parties. It also comes with a raised edge so when you cut up fruits or meat, no juice will drip onto your burner. Because of this, food preparation is much easier and faster as this burner cover is very easy to clean with just one wipe.

There are feet installed at the bottom of the burner cover so that it doesn’t put too much weight on the metal rims of the burner. It is suggested that before you purchase this, to measure the area of your gas stove to check if it would fit in nicely. Otherwise, it may be too be and the feet may not rest properly where it should belong.

When you get the right measurements and it is resting in place, you’ll find that it is definitely a worth it purchase. It does its job at protecting your burner but also serves other purposes. Take note however, that because the bottom sides may not be completely covered, it may not be suitable for outdoor stove use.

2. Instant Counter Glass Burner Cover Black Marble (look) Cutting Board

Like the More Counter Space Burner Cover, this instant Counter Glass Burner Cover exactly replicates the former’s purpose. It not only serves as burner cover but also as a countertop and chopping board.

The only difference is that this one is made of high quality glass instead of plastic. It looks more elegant and is cheaper than the More Counter Space Burner Cover.

If you have marble countertops or floors, this may be a good addition to your kitchen because it perfectly matches the elegance. This is a very versatile kitchen accessory as it can double as a beautiful serving tray. You can also use it as a cooling tray for hot pots, pans, and other cookware as the glass is durable enough.

The Instant Counter Glass Burner Cover is made of tempered glass covered with a black marble applique for contemporary style. It can not only fit onto your burner but it can also be put over your sink when you need more space while the burners are in use.

Resting it on top of the stove is not a problem and won’t put too much pressure even while chopping heavy slabs of meat because it comes with Four heat resistant non slip silicone coated feet.

Because of the coating, you can rest assured that it won’t scratch or nick your countertop and range. Cleaning it is also hassle-free as you can just wipe it with a wet cloth.

3. Reston Lloyd Rectangular Stove Burner Covers, Set of 2

These burner covers come in sets of two. You can choose among the available colors: White, Black, Almond, and Fruit/White. The two sets can cover two burners each, depending on the size and positioning of the stove. It measures 2-19-3/4-inch L by 11-inch.

Some owners have complained about it not being deep enough. If your burners are too tall or high, this cover might just float above it.

It’s better to check your burner first before purchasing this. However, this suits average sizes of burners. They are easy to clean because all you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth.

What most owners don’t like about this rectangular burner is that it is made of tin material that easily gets dents and scratches. Be careful when you handle it and don’t drop it or it might lose its shape and not fit into the burners anymore. It is also not recommended for outdoor use because it may rust quickly.

4. Camco 43559 Universal Fit Stove Top Cover

This rectangular stove cover is like the Reston Lloyd one as it comes in two pieces. It will fit most sizes of stoves and protects efficiently. You won’t have to worry if it would float above the stove because it is quite deep than most.

It is heavy duty and won’t dent or scratch easily as it is made of 20-gauge steel. The covers can be used as a countertop when put over the stove.

When used face down, it can be used as splashguard so you won’t have to worry about spills and mess. It comes in three colors: Black, White, and Almond and has a powder-coated finish.

What makes this great is the fact that you can put heavy stuff on top of it without putting too much pressure onto your stove burner and because it is made of thick metal, you can use it to put hot pans and pots to cool down without affecting its surface.


Now you know that there are other types of burner covers that can multifunction. Although some covers that multitask as countertops are more expensive than those that simply cover, the fact that it adds more space in your kitchen makes it a worthwhile purchase.

It is important to know the use of the cover before purchasing one so you can greatly benefit from it.

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What are the best electric ranges with double ovens?
Jan 17

What are the best electric ranges with double ovens?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Reviews

Electric ranges are the most-bought type of range by homeowners in the United States because not all areas are covered by a gas line. While there are always provisions for using gas tanks or propane tanks, many people, who live very busy lives can’t be bothered by the hassles connected to gas tanks, not to mention the many risks of using it.

Electric ranges are also very easy to use because all you have to do is plug it in. The only con may be the amount of electricity bills you have to pay, especially if you live in an area where the charges are soaring sky high.

Despite this, the demand is still high, and many manufacturers are doing whatever they can to produce cost-efficient models.

These electric range models have evolved through the years to cater to the different needs of the consumers. One of these notable needs spawned the creation of electric ranges with double ovens.

The reason behind it is the fact that users can bake small dishes in one small oven rather than heating up an entire big oven that won’t be maximized. This way, energy is saved.

If you are on the quest on the perfect electric range with double ovens, we have listed models here worth checking out.

Depending on your budget, needs, and wants, we have listed three different models of electric ranges with double ovens below:

Comparison Chart

GE Slate Series 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop, 5.3 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity, Storage Drawer, Delay Bake, Self-Cleaning Mode, Dual-Element Bake in Slate

LG LRE3085ST 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Smoothtop Range – Convection

GE Cafe CHS995SELSS 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop, 2.3 cu. ft. Primary Oven Capacity in Stainless Steel

Best Electric Ranges With Double Oven Reviews

1. Gallery Series 30" Electric Smoothtop Freestanding Range with Double Ovens Color: Stainless Steel

This electric range has five smooth top cooking burners in varying sizes. Pots and pans of different shapes can easily rest atop the burners. Each has varying BTUs, depending on the sizes. Each cooktop size can also be adjusted to cater to all cooking ware sizes.

Two are big ones while three are smaller stoves. It comes with two ovens that are big enough to easily fit a 28-pound turkey or multiple dishes each.

This way you can finish all the cooking that you need to do without having to wait and waste time. Because each oven functions on its own, you can bake dishes in different temperatures each, great if you are looking for cooking flexibility.

It has pre-set options that make cooking easier and faster. You don’t have to guess the time and temperature for some dishes that you can bake such as chicken nuggets, pizza, pasta, etc., which is good if you aren’t a self-proclaimed chef and have no clue at baking.

Only con that users experienced is the grill that comes with the oven. It is not tightly secured to the oven because of the flawed rack support mechanism. This causes the rack to fall down the bottom of the oven whenever heavy food is placed to bake.

2. LG LDE3037ST 30" Stainless Steel Smoothtop Double Oven Range – Convection

This 30-inch freestanding electric range is perfect for kitchens with minimal space as it is just the right size. It contains five heating elements that suit all sizes of pots and pans because each element can be adjusted accordingly.

The BTUs for each element vary, depending on the size of the element. It comes in two large elements and three smaller ones. The double ovens are big enough to fit most of the dishes you want to cook, even a whole turkey or chicken, and big slabs of ribs.

The upper oven has a total capacity of 2.3 cubit foot while the lower oven has 4.4 cubic foot, totaling to a large capacity of 6.7 cubic foot. LG advertises the top oven to be used for baking pizza and other smaller capacity dishes. Both ovens are pretty fast to pre-heat so waiting time is lessened.

It uses an infrared grilling system to produce maximum heat to cook your dishes. It also features EasyClean Self-Cleaning so you don’t have to take out everything from the oven to scrub and clean.

All you need to do is spray the insides with water and turn the cleaning program. There are two options: Easy Clean and Self Clean, which use more heat for tougher stains.

3. GE PS950SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Double Oven Range – Convection

This electric oven is the slide-in type that you can install in-between cabinetry or counters. Take note that this is because a slide-in oven, the sides are not furnished as it is meant to be covered.

It looks great as a slide-in range because the top part are widened to make sure it rests on each side, giving it a built-in look. It comes with five heating elements in varying sizes, the smallest being 6 inches and the largest at 12 inches. Pots and pans easily fit onto the heating element as each are flexible.

The double ovens are very easy to preheat and have a total cooking space of 6.6 cubic foot. Both ovens also have a self-cleaning option so you can cook as much as you like without worrying about the mess you make.

The only con about this product is the price. Although this is a really great convection oven made by a reputable company, the price, which breaks the 2,000-dollar mark, seems too much for an electric slide-in range.

There are same quality, stainless steel electric ranges with the same number of heating elements and ranges that are around a thousand bucks and are also made by good companies. If you are willing to shed this much, then this will be definitely a great range with double ovens.


Before purchasing electric ranges, consider your needs, as you may not really need something as big as the ones listed here. Although four to five heating elements are almost the staple in most ranges, some people purchase it just because everyone has it, not because they need it.

If you have a big family, cook almost all the time, and throws parties at home every now and then, consider getting any of the electric ranges listed here because you would really get what you pay for.

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Slide-in electric range reviews: How to select the best slide-in electric range?
Jan 16

Slide-in electric range reviews: How to select the best slide-in electric range?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Reviews

Ranges are appliances that combine a cooktop and an oven. Because of its functionality, most ranges come in prices over a thousand dollars. It is unfriendly in the pocket and is therefore daunting to go shopping because most of us will be afraid to spend hard earned cash for something we aren’t sure about.

There are tons of options for electric ranges; gone are the days when you have to buy separate stove and oven. A lot of manufacturers build and support ranges now, which made it more reachable for the consumers. Because of the variety of choices, many customers found the search overwhelming.

In this article, you will read about some slide-in electric range reviews as well as the factors on how to select the best slide-in range. You will want to get the perfect one at first buy as installation, testing, repair, and returns produces a lot of hassle. Make sure you find something that you really want and willing to stick with for years.

Below you will read short reviews on the best-rated slide-in ranges on Amazon. By reading through the reviews, you’ll get an idea of what to include or exclude in your to-buy checklist.

Comparison Chart

GE Profile PS960SLSS 30 Inch Slide-in Electric Range with Smoothtop Cooktop, in Stainless Steel

Samsung NE58F9500SS Slide-in Electric Range

Kenmore 94173 5.3 cu. ft. Self Clean Electric Range in Stainless Steel, includes delivery and hookup

Best Slide-In Electric Range Reviews

1. GE PS950SFSS Profile 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Double Oven Range – Convection

This slide-in smooth cooktop electric range features five burners that vary in sizes, beginning from 6 inches to 12 inches. It can cater to a variety of pots and pan sizes with ease.

At the bottom you will find two self-cleaning convection oven that has a total cooking capacity of 6.6 cubic foot, enough for several platters of casseroles and pans of cookies. The only con for this product is the price; it is very expensive for an electronic range.

2. Samsung NE58F9500SS Slide-in Electric Range

This electric range features five burners and one spacious oven. It has a 5.8 cubic foot cooking capacity that enables you to cook multiple dishes at once. The controls are illuminated and has different cooking options.

The oven comes with three oven racks to separate casseroles and pans and a storage drawer where you can put newly cooked food to preserve its temperature until dinner is ready. One of its best features may be the true convection cooking that uses a dual fan system for faster and more even cooking.

3. Frigidaire FPES3085KF 30" Slide-In Electric Range with PowerPlus Preheat and PowerPlus Boil, Stainless Steel

This range features five electric burners and one large oven. It comes with pro-select controls, heavy duty grates for baking, and professional style knobs that are very durable.

One of the best features of this range is the PowerPlus Preheat that does the job in only a matter of minutes, lessening waiting time. It also has one-touch options for cooking pizza, chicken, and other dishes. Children are also safe because of its easy to control lockout system.


There are a few factors that you should consider before buying a slide-in electric range. Reading through them will make your decision-making much faster and concrete.

Remember, don’t make an impulse buy. Planning is greatly required for appliances such as this.


There are two types of electric range: The coil cooktop and the smooth top. The first one uses metal heat conductors that are spiraled.

This is where the heat is focused and where you can rest your pan. It pretty much works like a gas burner, except that the coil looks so much different and it doesn’t produce fire.

The heat of the coil is fixed and provides an even cooking heat, although some users say that the distribution is sometimes not that great. Electric coils have drip bowls or pans underneath to catch food and spills.

It is available in a lot of colors and finishes and is easy to maintain, although a hassle to clean, as you have to take out the coil and the pan.

The best thing about coil is the fact that it is cheaper to repair and replace. You can also do it on your own, without spending too much on a professional. Smooth top on the other hand is pricey to repair and you have to hire a professional to do it.

However, it looks really nice because of the smooth glass ceramic. It is also easier to clean, as all you have to do is wipe the spills on the cooktop.


Do you plan on cooking a lot? Do you usually need more than four burners when you cook? Do you love to have parties at home?

If your answer is yes to all these questions, you undoubtedly need a big range that has four or more burners. This is so you can finish all the cooking that you have to do in less time. You’ll have more time for preparing the house and relaxing.

With regards to the oven, think about the dishes that you will bake. If you’re planning to bake huge whole turkey and big slabs of meat, you may need a bigger oven that can fit these.

If you are going for casseroles, you can choose to have two smaller built-in ovens that can bake different dishes for time efficiency. Remember, the bigger the oven, the more power and electricity it will consume.

Reviews and ratings: 

Make it a habit to check what other people are saying about their appliance. Customers tend to leave very honest reviews and you will get tips on which brands to avoid and how to sort things out in case you encounter problems.

Reviews are generally helpful and will make it easier for you to decide whether a product suits you or not.


Get the best out of your hard-earned cash by looking for the slide-in electric range that works for your needs, wants, and budget. You don’t really have to splurge on a range as long as the one you got is good quality with good manufacturer support that will last you years of service.

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How to select the right Oven Burner Covers?
Jan 16

How to select the right Oven Burner Covers?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Advice

Oven burner covers are a must because it protects your burner from dirt, dust, and mites that may fall over it when not in use. It also preserves the overall look of your oven burner so that it will not get any scratches and dents. 

Range burners that come with ovens are not cheap, so it is vital to get something to protect it for years of use.

These covers are relatively cheap and can be transformed into something that is usable such as trays and extend the counter space you currently have.

There are cheaper versions that come in round shape and are used solely to cover the burners. Whatever you pick, you are doing your range a big favor.

What are the benefits of having an oven burner cover?

Here are some benefits that you can get from a simple oven burner cover:

  • It protects the burner from scratches, dust, dirt, and curious pets (like cats) that may land on top of the range.
  • It protects the burner against the changing weathers, especially if it is located in an outdoor kitchen.
  • It extends the space of your counter. If you get rectangular burner covers instead of round, you can use it to act as a countertop. There are certain products that even act as a cutting board, such as the:

Instant Counter Glass Burner Cover Black Marble (look) Cutting Board

  • It gives your range a more polished look. Some designs also brighten up the entire kitchen. Also try contrasting colors; you will be surprised with how things would turn out. With that said, many burner covers come in varying designs, shapes, and colors. Pick one that really suits you.
  • It lasts years of use. The $20 burner cover that you purchased will last you years of use as it is usually made of durable materials. The ones for indoor use are usually made of tin, while the ones intended for outdoor use are made of stainless steel.

Key Takeaway:

For the small price of an oven burner cover, you’ll be able to get so much other than protecting and covering your burner. You can also use it as a countertop and chopping board.

What are the factors to consider when getting an oven burner cover? 

Everyday use of home appliances, especially in the kitchen can get cluttered and sometimes dirty as a result of the different foods that we cook and eat. The oven is one of the most notorious locations for food and other stains to clog up and clutter through use, prompting the need for protective measures such as an oven burner cover. 


Essentially what you want the most from your oven burner cover is protection. Not so much for when you’re cooking but when you’re no, ensuring that the area is kept clean and protected from any possibilities that something could go wrong.  

This is particularly the case when food preparation areas are located close to oven burners, where spill and debris can get pushed towards this important area of the oven.

When protecting the appliances in your home you’re not just protecting them from regular dust and other everyday use occurrences but also protecting them from future breakdowns and maintenance required in the future. Get something sturdy like the: 

RANGE KLEEN Stainless Steel Burner Covers - 550-4 Stainless Steel Round Burner Kovers

Maintenance of household appliances can become quite hefty when you determine what the problem is, so you’ll definitely want to prevent them from happening.

The cover will stop spills and leakages from getting to the oven burner, whilst also preventing a building of dirt and over exposure to the air.

In some cases, over exposure to the air with certain foods, spills or chemicals can actually wear down the oven burner faster. This is the case for other items around the home, which if metal may rust or work much less efficiently. 


One of the features that some people may appreciate more than others is the design capabilities of oven burner covers.

If you’re not one for anything aside from what is ordinarily available then this should not be an issue, however if you want to find a oven burner cover that matches the theme of the kitchen area or another item in the kitchen, then you should not have any trouble doing so.

You can get a variety of designs for your oven burner cover, which could range from cartoon chefs to countryside photos. If you search around, you’re almost certain to find something that suits your fancy. Worth checking out is the: 

Corelle Coordinates Burner Cover Set of 4, Simple Lines

If you’re still not able to find one that really works for you, further searching will more than likely put you in touch with a place that can do custom designs or a person who is willing to custom create one for you as part of a homemade craft they are offering. 


It’s important to find a size that is just the right fit for the oven burner that you have, for obvious reasons. Having a burner cover that is too small will prove to be completely useless, whilst having one that is too large will not properly cover the oven burner.

Ones that are too big will not properly cover the burner and allow spills and dirt to affect it; something that is not wanted when you have a cover. However you can get something that thoroughly covers on all sides of the ranges like: 

Camco 43554 Universal Fit Stove Top Cover (Black)

Key Takeaway: 

Make sure to consider the above factors when deciding for your oven burner cover. This way, you will get that one that will satisfy your needs and wants.

Decide for the extent of protection, the design that fancies you, and the size of the cover for thorough coverage.


Oven burner covers are inexpensive ways to provide safety and protection not only to the burner but for the users as well. It definitely extends the life of the burner, as it is not exposed from any factors that may damage it.

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How to select the right burner covers for electric stoves?
Jan 16

How to select the right burner covers for electric stoves?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Advice

Electric stoves are pretty expensive; the good stainless steel ones with four burners and big built-in ovens are priced above a thousand dollars, with some going past the two thousand mark.

Therefore, it is pretty given that owners should take good care of these ranges, even though the advanced ones have self-cleaning properties.

Most owners spend more time cleaning the rarely used oven rather than the burners itself, which are mostly used, almost on a daily basis.

Wiping the burners with a clean cloth to get the food pieces, morsels, and stains out may be enough to some, but your burners deserve more than that.

This is why many manufacturers have created built-in burner covers on most ranges. However, those ranges that don’t come with this extra protection should also have some. Owners tend to overlook the many pros of burner covers for electric stoves.

How to pick the best burner cover for electric stoves?

We have listed some factors that may help you decide on the perfect burner cover for your electric stove. This is good to review if you aren’t sold on getting one yet, especially if you believe you don’t need one.

The factors include:

Material Used: 

Burner covers come in a variety of designs and materials used. The most common is the stainless steel. This one is great to use especially if your burner is stored in an outdoor kitchen.

It effectively protects against the changing weathers while still keeping itself in pristine condition at the same time.

Stainless steel is also almost unbreakable, so you are surely getting the maximum output it can give. It may last you years of good use; you many even not need a replacement. For this, check out the: 

RANGE KLEEN Stainless Steel Burner Covers

There are also other covers made from different material such as plain metal, tin material, and porcelain. The other metal materials are very prone to rusting, so handle it with care.

Dual purpose: 

You may want a burner that not only covers but also multitasks as a counter. This is possible because there are burner covers that are designed in a way where it comfortably rests atop the burner while not giving too much pressure on it. The top of these covers is flat, so you can use it as an extra countertop.

This is great if you are lacking space in your kitchen, especially those times where you have to prepare a lot. The burner cover can be handy during these times because it instantly provides another table without damaging the electric stove burner.

There are very simple flat designs such as the: 

More Counter Space Burner Cover

There are very elegant designs that can match the design of your counter, such as the: 

Instant Counter Glass Burner Cover Black Marble (look) Cutting Board

This one mimics a marble stone but is light enough to rest on top of your stove. It comes with glass feet so it doesn’t really put pressure on your burner.

You can also use these dual burner covers to rest on top of the sink, giving you another extra space when you are using the burner to cook.

Many customers prefer to get this extra space covers even though they are slightly more expensive than the traditional covers because it multi-tasks and helps the user in more ways than one. It functions not only as a cover, but also as a counter top and a cutting board.


Some customers love having burner covers not only because it protects their stove, but also because it adds to the overall look and design of the kitchen. One customer claimed that her all-black kitchen looks dull, but the brightly colored burner cover adds some brightness in the room.

Burner covers come in a lot of prints and designs. You may want it to match the color of your kitchen or get a contrasting one that gives an edge to your kitchen. Check out: 

Range Kleen 5059 Apple Harvest Burner Kovers, Set of 4

If you are the minimalist type, there are plain covers that still don’t fall short at looking elegant like the: 

Corelle Coordinates Burner Cover Set of 4, Simple Lines

Why do you need burner covers for your electric stove?

For some who aren’t sold on getting burner covers, here are more reasons why you should purchase them:

  1. It protects your burner when not in use, especially if it is stored in an outdoor kitchen.
  2. It adds space in your kitchen whenever you need an impromptu counter.
  3. It gives a smooth surface on top of your burner for better use and improved appearance.
  4. It gives an additional design on your kitchen that improves the overall look and ambiance in the kitchen.
  5. It is relatively cheap and lasts a long time, so why not?


Burner covers are very affordable and they come in a number of designs that can really add great ambiance into your kitchen.

Depending on the size and thickness you get, you may also be able to use the burner cover not only to protect your range but also to function as a tabletop/counter or use it as a chopping board. This is great if you are pressed for space in your kitchen.

For the price burner covers are really nice to have. If you don’t have it yet, start looking for one now.

This article has provided a lot of samples and designs for you to choose from. Not only does it look nice but also it is very effective for protection.

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How to select the best Freestanding Ranges?
Jan 16

How to select the best Freestanding Ranges?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Advice

Freestanding ranges come in a variety of designs, styles, and purpose. While most serve as your one-stop machine for all the cooking and baking you will need, some focuses mainly on the stove.

Depending on your needs and budget, you may have an oven built-in your freestanding range. Though, it is not required and simply depends if you want to have it or not.

There are many factors to consider before purchasing your freestanding range, whether you are buying it for the first time or replacing your old one. Consider checking a “buying guide” before heading to the store or online shop because ranges aren’t something that you should rush buying.

You may be overwhelmed with options once you take a trip to the store, but knowing the factors to consider will make you decide much faster and surer. You will get the best out of your money when you come prepared.

What are the important factors to consider when buying a freestanding range?

Find what is the best freestanding range for you through the factors listed below. It will give you a clearer idea on the accessibility and usability of the appliance you are meaning to purchase.

Consider your needs. 

If you cook a lot, you should consider having a freestanding range with three to four burners. This way, you will cook several dishes simultaneously, saving you time to do other things.

It will also whip up dishes much faster, which is good if you like holding parties in your home. Although it may cost more, it saves you a lot of time.

However, if you live on your own and don’t intend to cook much, a four burner freestanding range may be a waste if you rarely use all four at the same time. For this, consider having a standard two-burner range. You will still be allowed to cook two meals at the same time and still allows you to save quality time.

If you are looking for a one burner stove, you might not find freestanding ranges for this. However, if you wish there are compact burners that save space like the: 

Danby DR2099WGLP 20 In. Ultra-Compact Gas Range

Choose some variety: 

Manufacturers not only offer different amounts and sizes of burners in a freestanding range, but they also give the customer options. For instance, you can choose to have three gas burners and one electric burner in case you run out of gas and badly need to do some cooking.

If you like to have options like this as a back up during emergencies, consider getting something with variety. It may cost a lot more, but it gives you peace of mind. Most freestanding range also comes with an oven and you can opt to have one big oven or two smaller ovens.

For this, the latter is more efficient especially if you don’t intend to bake a lot of food at once. If you intend to buy one with two ovens, check out: 

LG LDG3036ST 30" Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Double Oven Range – Convection

Calculate your budget: 

From the very beginning, calculate your budget and set that aside. You may want to go to a store or check online just to get an idea of the price range of the freestanding range of choice.

Afterwards, save that amount of money and wait for sales, stores have it particularly around holiday weekends. Subscribe to newsletters of the stores you choose as most of them not only inform about sales but sends discount coupons.

If you need a gas range, plan in advance so you will have better deals in the future. Buying on impulse, even if you already have the money, might be a waste considering you can save hundreds of dollars more if you wait.

What are the types of freestanding ranges?

There are mainly two types of ranges, gas or electric. Here you’ll find out their differences, and what’s best for your needs.


Gas powered ranges are great to use especially in states or areas where natural gas is affordable. You’ll be able to save up a lot of money through this and don’t have to worry about surging electric bills.

It is also efficient to use once it is connected to your natural gas line. You don’t need to connect it or tinker with it anymore.

Gas stoves are also valued for the uniformity of heat output. This is measured through BTUs (British Thermal Units) and varies depending on the size of the range and burners. Smaller burners produce about 5,000 BTUs while big burners at 17,000 BTUs.

A great freestanding gas range to try is the: 

Verona VEFSGE365DSS 36 Dual Fuel Double Oven Range - Stainless Steel


Electric ranges converts electric energy into heat that allows for cooking and baking. It uses coils that heats up and has thermostat sensors that notify you when the burner is on.

The pros of having this type of burner is that owners never have to worry about gas leaks and because it has no open flame, it reduces risk of kitchen fire.

However, it is bad for uneven cooking because unlike gas-powered ranges, it doesn’t have the uniformity of heat output due to the uneven distribution of heat to the coils.

You also won’t be able to use it during power outages, so it’s still good to have a gas-powered stove as backup just in case.

To see what an electric coil freestanding range looks like, check out: 

Frigidaire FFEF3011L 30" Freestanding Electric Range with 4 Coil Burners


Freestanding ranges, be it gas or electric, are nice to have in the kitchen because they are quite compact and they can hold on their own. With all the factors mentioned in this article, hopefully you will be able to find the perfect range for you.

Freestanding range is great because you don’t need to worry about countertops and support for it.

A nicely finished range in stainless steel can fit almost all looks and designs of your kitchen because of its timeless look. Not to mention, super shiny stainless steel also looks elegant.

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How to fix and replace your Gas Range Knobs?
Jan 16

How to fix and replace your Gas Range Knobs?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Advice

The temperature knobs on your gas range goes under daily abuse and use and it may take its toll on the knob eventually.

The knob is prone to breaking, whether you use it as gently as you would like, and whether or not it is attached to the most expensive range you can find in the market.

You don’t want to replace a range just because the knob broke right?

A gas range costs thousands of dollars depending on the type you got, whether gas or electric. It may go lower than that, but still, it is very expensive for replacing just because of the knob.

The great thing is that there are many brands or manufacturers that build replacement knobs for their respective appliances. These may be a bit pricey though and may not always be available when you need it.

Good thing, there are generic replacement knobs that you can buy from major appliance or hardware centers.

These replacement knobs are very easy to install and you don’t have to pay for someone to do it for you.

How to install replacement gas range knobs?

With the right instructions, even someone who doesn’t know a thing about repairing or haven’t done a single DIY project may fix or replace his/her own gas range knob. Take note, it doesn’t mean that you can only replace the knob when it breaks, you can always do it as you please, with aesthetics the reason behind it.

Some people like to replace their existing gas range knobs because they want something sturdier or they want something with intricate details.

Onto the step-by-step procedure on repairing/replacing gas range knobs:

Step 1: 

Turn all the burners off. You may also want to disconnect it from the gas line if possible. This is so when you twist and remove the knob, the stove won’t accidentally light.

You don’t have to remove the hose that connects the stove to the gas line or tank, there are ways to turn off or lock the tank and the gas line. Also don’t forget to wait until the stove is cool.

Step 2: 

Pull the knobs away from the stove. There are many ways to do this depending on the placement of the knob to your stove.

You can just prop it off the stove or twist it a little before pulling. To give you an idea on the right way to turn it, most gas stoves are held in place on a D-shaped shaft by friction.

If you find that there are seals under the knobs, you can leave it, as it won’t affect the replacement process. If you experience difficulties getting the knob off the hook, it may be because of dirt and grim build-up underneath. Dry hardened grease may also be the cause of brittleness each time you try to pull it out.

To remedy this, spray underneath the knob using a lubricant to break down the hardened dirt. This will make it easier for you to pull it out. If the handle of the knobs is too short and you are having trouble pulling it out, use pliers to pull it off.

Step 3: 

Buy a replacement knob for your stove if you haven’t yet. Make sure that it is compatible with your stove; otherwise it may be a waste.

To know which replacement knob will work, remove your existing knob and take it with you to the appliance/hardware store so you can compare it with the ones they have in there. Take note, most electric and gas range stoves use different kinds of knobs.

If you are planning to buy a knob that will come from the manufacturer of your range, list down the model and call their customer service or check their website to know where you can get the knobs for that particular model. These are more expensive than the generic knobs, so the latter is definitely worth checking out.

For a universal knob that can fit most types and brands of ranges, check out: 

Range Kleen 8234 Replacement Gas Range Knob Kit

If you are looking for replacement knobs for more popular brands such as Frigidaire and LG, they can also be found on Amazon. For Frigidaire, they have an affordable set of five complete with installation kit: 

Frigidaire 5304431017 Gas Range Burner Knob Kit

Step 4: 

With your replacement knob in hand, line up the D-shaped holes into the D-shaped shafts and the push the knob into the shafts. Twist and turn gently to check that it is effectively fixed.

You shouldn’t feel any looseness as you do this. Afterwards, connect the range back to the gas supply and turn the burner on and off to check if the new knob is operational.

What replacement knobs will work with most gas ranges?

As previously mentioned, there are several brands of replacement knobs that are universal, meaning they can fit in most types of ranges.

However, it is still worth checking, just to see if your range is compatible. Some ranges, such as in the case of LG, have different connecting holes and shafts aside from the usual D-shaped.

Depending on the brand, you’ll be able to find a replacement such as the: 

LG Electronics AEZ72909002 Gas Range Replacement Knob, Brushed Stainless Steel

Otherwise, you can opt for the cheaper universal knob replacement like the: 

Stanco 4 Pack Universal Stove Knobs

As you may have noticed between the two, the universal knob is way cheaper than the replacement coming from the manufacturer.


Repairing or replacing your gas range knob is not really a difficult job. Even someone who doesn’t have prior experience with fixing stuff can do it perfectly fine. The instructions are also pretty easy to follow and the time spent replacing the knob would only take only roughly five minutes of your time.

The only real challenge with this is finding the knob that works for your range. Not all universal replacement knobs can fit all models.

Some ranges that need the knob from the manufacturer doesn’t always have it in handy, especially if the range is an older model.

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How to buy the best Drop-in Ranges?
Jan 16

How to buy the best Drop-in Ranges?

By Joslyn Stevens Stoves | Electric Range Advice

Many owners prefer having drop-in ranges because it integrates seamlessly with the kitchen’s cabinetry. It appears as though the range is part of the countertop and the cabinets itself, giving it a more refined and elegant look.

It also doesn’t rest on the floor, making it look like it has been “dropped” into the spot.

Drop-in ranges don’t really differ much when it comes to purchasing a normal freestanding or slide-in gas range.

Their properties are almost the same because all of them work exactly like the other.

What makes drop-in ranges different is its fixture into the kitchen counters.

Depending on the type of drop-in range you pick, it may cost a little bit more than the freestanding one so it is good if you can pause and take a look at your options, as well as have insight on how to buy the best drop-in ranges. This way, you will get the most out of your budget.

What to look for in a drop-in range?

There are several factors that may affect your purchase of a drop-in range. It is great to be armed with this knowledge before making a big purchase. After all, ranges don’t come cheap.


There are two types of fuel that you can choose to power your range. Choose from gas or electric. Both fuel has its own pros and cons but the most notable one that many people choose is the good old gas range. This is because most states in the United States have cheaper gas utility bills than electric bills.

Gas is also easier to connect especially if you already have an existing gas line. However, if you were an electric range user and want to shift to gas, you need to have your kitchen hooked up with gas connectors.

To do this, contact the gas company and a contractor will come to your home to install the gas line before connecting the range to it.

The reason why many people choose gas aside from the cheaper bills is that it provides more precise control for heat, which improves the cooking ability. Although the coil of electric ranges is great because it doesn’t produce fire that may accidentally cause kitchen fires, the distribution of heat in the coil is somewhat unstable.

It is really up to the user which type of range they like. If you choose to go over the electric range, a nice and compact drop-in range to try is the: 

GE JD750SFSS 30" Stainless Steel Electric Drop-In Smoothtop Range – Convection

Cooking and baking needs: 

Depending on your cooking needs, you may want something that has four to five burners to make cooking several dishes faster. 

This is great if you cook a lot of batches at once, or your family is used to having different kinds of dishes on the table during dinnertime. It is also helpful for cooking a lot if you like having parties at home every now and then.

Most ranges come in four burners but you can instill variety in your mind while picking. For instance, you can have two gas burners and two electric coil burners.

This way, you hit two birds in one stone: Have burners connected to the gas line, and have burners that can be plugged. During emergency situations, you’ll have options.

You can also pick a drop-in range that has an oven or two. One large oven is great if you cook big chunks of meat or whole turkeys and chicken. Two smaller ovens are good if you use it sparingly and bake only a few pieces of food at a time.

Available space: 

When choosing the best drop-in range, make sure to measure you’re the spot where you are planning to place it to ensure that it fits snuggly.

Most ranges are measured between 30 inches to 36 inches wide. You will want to get the dimensions of your kitchen and take it with you when you shop for the perfect gas range.

Remember, it is more difficult to install a drop-in gas range than freestanding ones. The measure of the cabinetry surrounding the range should be perfect to avoid any unsightly gaps. If you’re aiming for more cabinetry, you should consider the: 

Atwood (56494) DV 20S Stainless Steel Drop-In 2-Burner

What is the difference between a drop-in and a slide-in range?

A slide-in and drop-in cooking range have very minimal differences. They only actually differ in terms of the installation.

A slide-in cooking range has contoured sides and a slightly protruding cooktop that allows it to be slid in between the counters/cabinets so the cooktop rests on the top of each counters.

Drop-in ranges meanwhile, require customized cabinetry and are dropped into the prepared space. It rests on top of a cabinet. The side panels, like the slide-in range, are not finished because it is meant to be sandwiched between two cabinets.

In terms of costs, the drop-in range is costly to install because it requires exact measurements on the sides and a platform at the bottom.

You need to pay for a carpenter to build the platform and the cabinetry according to the measurements of your drop-in range or if you are a DIY person, spend hours building it. The end result is worth it though, as a drop-in range looks seamless and elegant like the: 

Frigidaire 30" Drop-In Electric Range with Ready-Select Controls and Large Capacity


The best drop-in ranges offer a seamless integration in your kitchen and looks as if the entire spot is customized. It is a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you are aiming an elegant look where every appliance in your kitchen is connected together by creative cabinetry. It looks more elegant and refined.

However, this type of range has its drawbacks, such as the cost of constructing it. It requires a prepared space with a cabinet at the bottom that will serve as a platform. Installing it is quite difficult and costly compared to slide-in and freestanding ranges. The end result and overall look is great though.