How to select the right burner covers for electric stoves?

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Jan 16
How to select the right burner covers for electric stoves?
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Electric stoves are pretty expensive; the good stainless steel ones with four burners and big built-in ovens are priced above a thousand dollars, with some going past the two thousand mark.

Therefore, it is pretty given that owners should take good care of these ranges, even though the advanced ones have self-cleaning properties.

Most owners spend more time cleaning the rarely used oven rather than the burners itself, which are mostly used, almost on a daily basis.

Wiping the burners with a clean cloth to get the food pieces, morsels, and stains out may be enough to some, but your burners deserve more than that.

This is why many manufacturers have created built-in burner covers on most ranges. However, those ranges that don’t come with this extra protection should also have some. Owners tend to overlook the many pros of burner covers for electric stoves.

How to pick the best burner cover for electric stoves?

We have listed some factors that may help you decide on the perfect burner cover for your electric stove. This is good to review if you aren’t sold on getting one yet, especially if you believe you don’t need one.

The factors include:

Material Used: 

Burner covers come in a variety of designs and materials used. The most common is the stainless steel. This one is great to use especially if your burner is stored in an outdoor kitchen.

It effectively protects against the changing weathers while still keeping itself in pristine condition at the same time.

Stainless steel is also almost unbreakable, so you are surely getting the maximum output it can give. It may last you years of good use; you many even not need a replacement. For this, check out the: 

RANGE KLEEN Stainless Steel Burner Covers

There are also other covers made from different material such as plain metal, tin material, and porcelain. The other metal materials are very prone to rusting, so handle it with care.

Dual purpose: 

You may want a burner that not only covers but also multitasks as a counter. This is possible because there are burner covers that are designed in a way where it comfortably rests atop the burner while not giving too much pressure on it. The top of these covers is flat, so you can use it as an extra countertop.

This is great if you are lacking space in your kitchen, especially those times where you have to prepare a lot. The burner cover can be handy during these times because it instantly provides another table without damaging the electric stove burner.

There are very simple flat designs such as the: 

More Counter Space Burner Cover

There are very elegant designs that can match the design of your counter, such as the: 

Instant Counter Glass Burner Cover Black Marble (look) Cutting Board

This one mimics a marble stone but is light enough to rest on top of your stove. It comes with glass feet so it doesn’t really put pressure on your burner.

You can also use these dual burner covers to rest on top of the sink, giving you another extra space when you are using the burner to cook.

Many customers prefer to get this extra space covers even though they are slightly more expensive than the traditional covers because it multi-tasks and helps the user in more ways than one. It functions not only as a cover, but also as a counter top and a cutting board.


Some customers love having burner covers not only because it protects their stove, but also because it adds to the overall look and design of the kitchen. One customer claimed that her all-black kitchen looks dull, but the brightly colored burner cover adds some brightness in the room.

Burner covers come in a lot of prints and designs. You may want it to match the color of your kitchen or get a contrasting one that gives an edge to your kitchen. Check out: 

Range Kleen 5059 Apple Harvest Burner Kovers, Set of 4

If you are the minimalist type, there are plain covers that still don’t fall short at looking elegant like the: 

Corelle Coordinates Burner Cover Set of 4, Simple Lines

Why do you need burner covers for your electric stove?

For some who aren’t sold on getting burner covers, here are more reasons why you should purchase them:

  1. It protects your burner when not in use, especially if it is stored in an outdoor kitchen.
  2. It adds space in your kitchen whenever you need an impromptu counter.
  3. It gives a smooth surface on top of your burner for better use and improved appearance.
  4. It gives an additional design on your kitchen that improves the overall look and ambiance in the kitchen.
  5. It is relatively cheap and lasts a long time, so why not?


Burner covers are very affordable and they come in a number of designs that can really add great ambiance into your kitchen.

Depending on the size and thickness you get, you may also be able to use the burner cover not only to protect your range but also to function as a tabletop/counter or use it as a chopping board. This is great if you are pressed for space in your kitchen.

For the price burner covers are really nice to have. If you don’t have it yet, start looking for one now.

This article has provided a lot of samples and designs for you to choose from. Not only does it look nice but also it is very effective for protection.

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