How to select the right Oven Burner Covers?

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Jan 16
How to select the right Oven Burner Covers?
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Oven burner covers are a must because it protects your burner from dirt, dust, and mites that may fall over it when not in use. It also preserves the overall look of your oven burner so that it will not get any scratches and dents. 

Range burners that come with ovens are not cheap, so it is vital to get something to protect it for years of use.

These covers are relatively cheap and can be transformed into something that is usable such as trays and extend the counter space you currently have.

There are cheaper versions that come in round shape and are used solely to cover the burners. Whatever you pick, you are doing your range a big favor.

What are the benefits of having an oven burner cover?

Here are some benefits that you can get from a simple oven burner cover:

  • It protects the burner from scratches, dust, dirt, and curious pets (like cats) that may land on top of the range.
  • It protects the burner against the changing weathers, especially if it is located in an outdoor kitchen.
  • It extends the space of your counter. If you get rectangular burner covers instead of round, you can use it to act as a countertop. There are certain products that even act as a cutting board, such as the:

Instant Counter Glass Burner Cover Black Marble (look) Cutting Board

  • It gives your range a more polished look. Some designs also brighten up the entire kitchen. Also try contrasting colors; you will be surprised with how things would turn out. With that said, many burner covers come in varying designs, shapes, and colors. Pick one that really suits you.
  • It lasts years of use. The $20 burner cover that you purchased will last you years of use as it is usually made of durable materials. The ones for indoor use are usually made of tin, while the ones intended for outdoor use are made of stainless steel.

Key Takeaway:

For the small price of an oven burner cover, you’ll be able to get so much other than protecting and covering your burner. You can also use it as a countertop and chopping board.

What are the factors to consider when getting an oven burner cover? 

Everyday use of home appliances, especially in the kitchen can get cluttered and sometimes dirty as a result of the different foods that we cook and eat. The oven is one of the most notorious locations for food and other stains to clog up and clutter through use, prompting the need for protective measures such as an oven burner cover. 


Essentially what you want the most from your oven burner cover is protection. Not so much for when you’re cooking but when you’re no, ensuring that the area is kept clean and protected from any possibilities that something could go wrong.  

This is particularly the case when food preparation areas are located close to oven burners, where spill and debris can get pushed towards this important area of the oven.

When protecting the appliances in your home you’re not just protecting them from regular dust and other everyday use occurrences but also protecting them from future breakdowns and maintenance required in the future. Get something sturdy like the: 

RANGE KLEEN Stainless Steel Burner Covers – 550-4 Stainless Steel Round Burner Kovers

Maintenance of household appliances can become quite hefty when you determine what the problem is, so you’ll definitely want to prevent them from happening.

The cover will stop spills and leakages from getting to the oven burner, whilst also preventing a building of dirt and over exposure to the air.

In some cases, over exposure to the air with certain foods, spills or chemicals can actually wear down the oven burner faster. This is the case for other items around the home, which if metal may rust or work much less efficiently. 


One of the features that some people may appreciate more than others is the design capabilities of oven burner covers.

If you’re not one for anything aside from what is ordinarily available then this should not be an issue, however if you want to find a oven burner cover that matches the theme of the kitchen area or another item in the kitchen, then you should not have any trouble doing so.

You can get a variety of designs for your oven burner cover, which could range from cartoon chefs to countryside photos. If you search around, you’re almost certain to find something that suits your fancy. Worth checking out is the: 

Corelle Coordinates Burner Cover Set of 4, Simple Lines

If you’re still not able to find one that really works for you, further searching will more than likely put you in touch with a place that can do custom designs or a person who is willing to custom create one for you as part of a homemade craft they are offering. 


It’s important to find a size that is just the right fit for the oven burner that you have, for obvious reasons. Having a burner cover that is too small will prove to be completely useless, whilst having one that is too large will not properly cover the oven burner.

Ones that are too big will not properly cover the burner and allow spills and dirt to affect it; something that is not wanted when you have a cover. However you can get something that thoroughly covers on all sides of the ranges like: 

Camco 43554 Universal Fit Stove Top Cover (Black)

Key Takeaway: 

Make sure to consider the above factors when deciding for your oven burner cover. This way, you will get that one that will satisfy your needs and wants.

Decide for the extent of protection, the design that fancies you, and the size of the cover for thorough coverage.


Oven burner covers are inexpensive ways to provide safety and protection not only to the burner but for the users as well. It definitely extends the life of the burner, as it is not exposed from any factors that may damage it.

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