What Can You Cook on a Rotisserie?

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Aug 24
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Rotisserie cooking is not even close to a modern style of cooking. It dates back as far as medieval times, and it is still done in a similar fashion. You skewer the meat on a wooden or metal rod and cook it over a crackling fire on a grill or in an oven.

This way, the meat is roasted in its own juices, and it spins on all sides so it’s grilled equally. What makes rotisserie meat even more delicious are the marinades with various herbs and oils people use to enhance its natural flavors.

Keep reading to find out what you can cook on a rotisserie.

What Meats Can Be Cooked in a Rotisserie

Meat Lovers Rejoice

Rotisserie meat is some of the tastiest you can have, whether it’s chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, or pork. Cooking times are very different for each type of meat.

Usually, all meat needs to be cooked for at least two and up to four or five hours. You want the meat to stay intact while on a rotisserie. Try to secure it and make it tight, so it doesn’t fall apart. Also, the cooking time might depend on the oven, so consider investing in a premium rotisserie oven for the best taste.

The marinades and the preparation of meat prior to cooking also vary based on the type of meat you cook. If you are a true meat lover, you might adore smoked meat, which is why rotisserie meat is one of the tastiest.

The smoke gives the meat a totally new, fantastic flavor, as do the marinades. In the following sections, you’ll find some tips and tricks for preparing different kinds of meat.

Chicken Rotisserie

As you can probably guess, chicken is the most used meat in rotisserie cooking and it is also the easiest to make. You can buy rotisserie chicken in many supermarkets across the US, while in Europe many grill joints proudly have them on their menus.

When cooking chicken on a rotisserie, remember to season the whole chicken, both the outside and the inside. You can use whatever spices you like, including salt and pepper, curry, paprika, etc. Also, remember to keep the chicken whole and cook it in one piece. Prior to cooking, remove the entrails.

Turkey Rotisserie

Rotisserie turkey is also very common in the United States, especially around Thanksgiving. This meal is traditionally served with potatoes, either baked or mashed.  The turkey should also be cooked whole after you have seasoned it properly and removed all unnecessary parts.

Turkey, chicken, and other poultry should be tied by the legs before you stick it on the spit. You can make duck, goose, and other kinds of poultry rotisserie-style.

Pork Rotisserie

Pork can be cooked whole on a rotisserie, but it can also be split into select parts, like tenderloin, legs, and shoulders. You should season it to your taste, and perhaps also stuff it with herbs for additional flavor. Lemongrass is not a bad choice for that purpose.

Pork ham, tenderloin, and loin are the ideal type of pork for an oven rotisserie. In southern parts of Europe, you will often find whole pork rotisserie servings at festivals, fairs, and other events.

Beef Rotisserie

Beef rotisserie is similar to pork. You need to make uniform cuts of slightly fatty beef for the best beef rotisserie. Beef fat is very flavorful, and it adds a tender and juicy texture to the meat. The best cuts of beef for rotisserie are the tenderloin and prime rib without bones. Top loin and rib-eye are not a bad choice either.

You need beef with a proper amount of marbling for the best taste. Preferable seasoning includes salt and pepper. As with pork, you can add herbs to enhance the flavor. Beef rotisserie is probably the most demanding, so you need to be careful not to overcook it.

Lamb Rotisserie

Lamb rotisserie is also very delicious. You can find whole lamb rotisseries across Europe at fairs and other similar events. Some people prefer only a leg of lamb rotisserie. It is very tender and tasty.

You don’t need much seasoning for lamb rotisserie, just some pepper and salt. Make sure to buy a proper cut of lamb meat because you don’t want it to be too bony or skinny.


Many meat enthusiasts love rotisserie meat because it is smoky, tender, and appetizing. You can find all kinds of rotisserie meat in markets, but fast food places rarely sell them in the US. This type of meat is more popular in Europe.

Your way around this is cooking it yourself on a rotisserie grill or in an oven. Don’t forget to add some seasoning and herbs for a fuller taste.

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